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2 oz. CBD Cream by Sanare Smart (Original) | $35



Amazing relief provided by Sanare Smart CBD Cream. Advanced Topical Pain Relief. Tested. Available in Original and Sport. 2 oz bottles. The Sport and Original have the same base but the difference is the essential oils. Essential oils do different things. CBD ORIGINAL has wintergreen and peppermint. The peppermint and wintergreen helps the lotion to absorb deeper into the skin, it is also great for joint pain, muscle spasms and headaches. Advanced topical pain relief provides effective relief from arthritis and joint pain. Contains natural anti-inflammatory ingredients and helps reduce pain and ease stiffness. Ingredients: Wintergreen, Peppermint, Camphor, Fir Needle, Lemongrass, Arnica, Hemp-derived Cannabidiol, Terpenes, Organic Certified Coconut, Apricot Kernel, Sunflower Oils, Shea Butter and Aloe Vera.


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