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Black Brulee (10 Seed Pack)




Black Lime Reserve Crosses In 2015 we set out to start a breeding project for the next years crop. We popped seeds from many seed banks, friends and our own. In all of the seeds there was 1 male that hid away. We thought it was a female due to the amount of crystals forming from an early stage. He also had a pungent fuel smell that came out as we pruned the leaves. We set him aside and planned for this plant to go full season. After a few more weeks he began to show his signs. We knew this was the male for our breeding project. We decided we wanted to take all our favorite strains and cross them with this male. We chose our Long Valley Royal Kush, Purple Train Wreck, Creme Brulee #2 and our Black Lime Reserve #4 and pollinated them. The results were amazing. Black Brulee: Genetics- Creme Brulee #2 x Black Lime Reserve Male Yield- High Flower Time- 9-10 weeks Mid-Late October.


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