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CBD Gummies – 15mg/30 count * $60 *



Metahuman – World Class – Full Spectrum CBD Gummies

Metahuman gummies have been called revolutionary in the CBD industry for a good reason.

We created them to be radically different, in a market saturated with low grade industrial products manufactured to be more like gas station candy/junk food – and less like the powerful medicinal health wonder; that CBD products should aspire to be.

Our CBD gummies are on a whole different level.

They are powerfully potent, lab tested, completely vegan, free of cow and pig gelatin, free of synthetic food coloring and manufactured with 100% organic ingredients.

Even the packaging we use for our gummies is fully biodegradable and made from leading edge shelf stable bioplastic that is 100% compostable.

Metahuman gummies taste absolutely delicious – and they are the perfect match for conquering restless nights, anxious days – as well as aches, pains and inflammation from your hard workouts.

This is truly a health product for both people and planet.


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