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Full Spectrum CBD Extract – 1000mg * $50 *



Metahuman – World Class – Full Spectrum Cannabidiol Flower Extract

1 oz bottle of Metahuman full spectrum organic hemp flower / Cannabidiol oil

Metahuman CBD recovery formula (hemp CBD flower extract) is the highest evolution of CBD oil.

We start with the cleanest and most potent organic CBD hemp flower on the planet – and our end result is some of the most potent and healing full spectrum CBD oil that exists.

Metahuman CBD Oil is high potency, lab tested, completely vegan, free of all the contaminants normally found in CBD oil – such as heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides and fungicides normally found in the low grade industrial hemp CBD that dominates the CBD marketplace.

We use small batch, craft, organic CBD flower from boutique family farms to make this product – and it is extracted in a way that maintains all the beneficial compounds found in raw hemp flower (such as complex arrays of terpenes and minor cannabinoids).

Metahuman high potency CBD formula is on of the greatest allies for fighting pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety and helping the body rest easy during sleep and recovery.

– 500 MG of naturally occurring Phytocannabinoids and Terpenes per bottle

– Organic Cannabis Sativa (Hemp flower) Cannabidiol Extract


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