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Mr. Cheezle (10 Seed Pack)




In 2014 we decided we wanted to create a strain with our own unique terpene profile. Everyone seemed to be dropping fuel and gas smelling strains. We wanted something different, something fruity. We looked at the classic strains we loved and decided the old school Soma Lavender was a good place to start. All we needed was a good male to pollinate. We popped seeds from Seed banks all over the world. We had one male a Blue Dynamite that made beautiful solid purple pollen sacks and had a sweet fragrance. We knew that this was the male to breed with. We pollinated the Lavender for our first set of seeds. From there we popped hundreds to hunt down exactly what we wanted. All of the phenos turned out solid purple, each with their own unique smell. After long debates we settled on two. One that was more on the Mothers side (Lavenite) and one more on the Fathers side (Jelly Dogg). Out of those seeds we also chose a new male. We wanted the same qualities as the last male we had chosen. From there we back crossed our Lavenite and Jelly Dogg. We also hit our UK Cheese and Blue Berry Master Kush. The results were amazing with solid purple flowers and all original fragrances. Lavenite: 2016 EMERALD CUP TOP 10 BREEDERS CUP Genetics- Blue Dynamite X Lavender back crossed 2 times (lavender phenotype). Yield- Average Flower Time- 8 weeks, Late September Early October


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