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Various Cuts by Positive Roots Garden




Cost of Clones- 25+ clones = $10 ea. Less Than 25 clones = $15 ea. 9 clones and under = $20 ea. Many types, stock is always changing. Check for availability of these: 24k 3xCrazy Afrinomican Black Brule Black Lime reserve 10 Black Triangle Blood Diamond OG Blue Frost Blue Zkittles Candyland Cherry Pie Crme Brule Double Dream Dragon Fruit Forbidden Fruit gelato 25 Gelato33 Grape Krush Green Crack ? Griptapes Grizzly Glue Khalifa Kush Lemon Cake Lemon Sugar Kush 6 Lemon Tree Lost Soul Magnum Opus peach ringz Purple Punch Romulan Sherbert Sour Banana Sherbert Sour Diesel Super Sour Diesel SuperGlue White Tahoe Cookies Zkittles Zkt x Sorbetto Zkt x Testerossa Harlequin Biscotti Ice Cream Cake Blue Cookies Acai Gelato x gelato Wedding Cake MAC Sundae Driver Sour Patch Kids Butter Pecan.


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